La Rectoria, an old lady with green touches

Local and artisan ingredients are used in the preparation of the guests' meals...

La Rectoria de Sant Miquel de Pineda is certified under the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism and operates, provides and promotes tourism that tries to minimise its environmental footprint.

A 5% discount is offered to guests as an incentive to travel to La Rectoria using sustainable transport.

Three solar panels provide hot water.

The house was restored in a manner that confers maximum comfort for guests whilst retaining many of the original materials and features.  Ceiling tiles, wooden beams and floor boards were 'recycled' giving the house its charm and character.  Details such as the stove and sink in the 'Old Kitchen', other old stone sinks and the 'nen Jesús' in the principal hall add to the character of the house.

The restoration was undertaken using local professionals and craftsmen, providing over 18 months of employment.  The finishes to the house combine traditional and contemporary elements.  The finish to the exterior façade was attained using a mix of chalk with cement and recycled wooden doors, shutters and ceramic floor tiles provide added detail to the bedrooms.

Domestic waste is minimized as far as possible with paper, packaging, plastic, cartons, cans and glass all recycled.  Waste liquids such as cooking oil, fats and food related liquids are collected and disposed of responsibly.  All uncooked (non-citrus) fruit and vegetable material, egg shells and egg boxes are composted for use in the garden.

As far as possible local and artisan ingredients are used in the preparation of the guests' meals, which are all homemade.