Press reviews

"...a haven for walkers, foodies, cyclists and volcanologists."

 'The Telegraph' May 20 2018 'Introducing La Garrotxa, the little known Catalonian region with 40 volcanoes'  "La Rectoria is a rustic guesthouse with a bijou en suite church, run by an engaging Scottish/Catalan duo, Roy and Goretti."

'La Xarxa' April 27 2018 The Weekly Mag / Episode 4 'Portraits, Roy Lawson & Goretti Raurell'

 'The Guardian' January 26 2016 '10 signs you're at a Burns Night supper'  "...each year Francesc and Enric, two Catalans from Barcelona join us to pipe in the haggis, jet fresh from Scotland!"

 'The Times' July 11 2015 '20 remote escapes in Europe' "This restored 12th century rectory is a haven for walkers, foodies, cyclists and volcanologists."...

  'El Punt Avui' January 22 2015 'Seven Girona hotel winners with TripAdvisor.'

'The Guardian' March 15 2013 '10 of the best rural retreats in Spain' "The owners, a Scottish chef and a Catalan whisky expert who met in Edinburgh, have restored chunky oak beams, made bedheads from doors, lampstands from wine kegs and a coffee table from a baker's chest."...




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