Relax & Disconnect

La Rectoria offers a slow tourism experience.

Nestling between the Via Verde and the chapel from which it gets its name, it is at times possible to 'touch' the silence at La Rectoria.  Lose yourself in a book on the patio, relax to the sound of bird song by the pool, inhale the aromas of a single malt whisky.  Connect with a side of yourself that has been obscured by the life beyond.  Feel alive again.

Stroll or cycle the three kilometres to Sant Feliu de Pallerols or sit and take in the view down La Vall d'Hostoles to Collsacabra and El Far.  Witness the vibrant fresh flush of the greens of spring or the ochres and russets that light up the mountain sides of autumn.  La Rectoria offers a slow tourism experience.

  • Swimming pool
  • Old kitchen
  • Patio
  • Malt whisky and cheese
  • Sunset at La Rectoria
  • Gates
  • Malt Whisky
  • El Pou
  • Pescallunes. Sant Feliu de Pallerols
  • Church and Rectory